Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

Orange Cat Shirt

Finja needs a few new shirts but I never seemed to get around to make some. Until yesterday the blog MADE inspired me (as they often do!) with their tutorial for a shirt based on a onsie.

It is not the first time that I have taken apart some of Finja's clothing to trace a pattern, but for some reason I never made one from a onsie. Somehow I had the feeling it would be bothersome to make the collar, but instead it is ridiculously easy! Thank you Dana for pointing this out and ridding me of a silly misconception!

This shirt is a complete departure (more like a day-trip, actually) from my usual color scheme! I usually don't like orange at all but I was given an used men's shirt and the fabric had a very comfortable feel about it, which is more important for me than colors when it comes to clothes for my daughter.

My little devil goes through shirts really fast, so I opted against an applique (as much as I love them, they are a lot of work). Instead I simply used fabric marker to draw a little cat and the name of my label on the shirt. Much faster so I will probably not get teary-eyed when the shirt is stained beyond recognition in a few weeks...

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  1. AWESOME! It turned out great! thanks for posting and sharing!



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