Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

30 / 2

Birthday cake

So I'm finally back from my short hiatus - now that the birthday madness is over...
Birthday madness? Well, it happens that I celebrated the big one last Saturday, (30, in case you where wondering), and the day after my little one tuned 2. How the time flies when you have fun! Actually I'm quite OK with being thirty, I just feel for my parents. Sometimes I can't believe that my baby has been already in this world for two years, so I really can't imagine what it must feel like when your youngest child is thirty years old... Poor mom ;-)

I've had a lovely party with my family and close friends. My best friend Tina gave me a present that made me cry a little so blown away I was by it. She drew me a hand-bound comic book featuring every milestone of our friendship. How awesome is that?! This is the best present I ever got, seriously. I love it how much thought and work she put into it, and the fact that we cherish exactly the same moments in our friendship. It is a blessing to have such creative and thoughtful friends...

My brother also flexed his crafty muscles and made me a wooden board to put my laptop on, on which he engraved crossed pirate swords and flames with some kind of wood burning device. I have no idea how this is called in German, let alone in English! I really adore handmade gifts, even more so because I know how busy my brother is...

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