Freitag, 15. Januar 2010

My sewing room (or why I love Styrofoam)

I did not get much sewing done in the last weeks because my sewing room is actually in a part of the house that is a little bothersome to heat. So in lieu of projects I figured I post some pictures of my sewing room, or to be precise a small part of the room.

sewing room2

To stay organized I use Styrofoam panels attached to the wall (with sticky tape). Let me tell you, this totally rocks! I simply put some pins in the panel to hold my stuff. Easy!

My spools of thread resting neatly on crayons poked in to the side of a panel. (I seem to have a slight preference for purple thread, it seems ;-).

In front of my sewing machine I store all the little nick-nacks one needs during sewing, like my chop stick for turning corners, the bobbins, elastic thread, ruler, thread clipper and what not.

A short while ago I had the idea to pin little labels onto the panel on which I noted down different kind of needles (like Schmetz Jeans). I can't be bothered to put a used needle back into the package when I need a different kind in the machine. This resulted in countless needles lying around and me squinting really hard to decipher the tiny etching on various needles. Urgh! Luckily this is now a thing of the past, thanks to my nifty friend Mr. Styrofoam. I simply put the needle into the accordant label, keeping it ready for it's next use. (Did I mention that I L.O.V.E. Styrofoam?!)

Now I'm looking for a panel with plateaus and dents to expand my storage wall... Ahhh, the possibilities...

What funny storage ideas do you use in your sewing room? I'd love to know!

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