Montag, 21. Dezember 2009

Refashion - Jumper to hat & neckwarmer

Refashion - Hat and Scarf

This lovely ensemble was born out of procrastination. I am supposed to make a few Christmas presents but I just don’t have any ideas what to make, opposed to last year where every single present I gave away was handmade. Seems like Amazon will make some revenue this year :-)

Anyway, while pondering what to make for my mom and mother in law I came across two men’s jumpers, one grey cashmere and the other one dark red cotton. Since it is really cold hereabouts I had a sudden inspiration to make a hat and a neck warmer for myself. The inside of the red jumper is heavenly soft so I used it inside out. The neck warmer closes with Velcro, because I hate the lose ends of a scarf, they are always in the way. This piece of refashion is probably the most comfortable and useful thing I ever made and I almost never take it off!

Refashion - Hat and Scarf

For the hat I simply measured around my head, subtracted a few centimetres and cut into the lower end of the grey cashmere jumper. I cut out a tube and sewed the open side together, now that I’m in possession of a serger this is a piece of cake! Afterwards I pulled the upper end together and secured it with a few hand stitches. All done!

Refashion - Hat and Neckwarmer

On both pieces is of course my mandatory skull-appliqué.
Refashion totally rocks, don’t you think so too??

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