Sonntag, 22. November 2009

Refashion – School dance dress

Hallo Mama und andere deutsche Leser, da ich heute keine Zeit und Lust habe, das Ganze zweimal zu tippen, müsst Ihr Euch auf Englisch durchkauen ;- )

Refashion – School dance dress before

There was not much action on the refashion front lately because we actually did not need any new (or rather refashioned) clothes.
Fortunately my teen sister has a school dance next January and was in dire need of a dress. She showed me a few pictures of dresses she liked and we decided to ransack her closet. It produced a new but never worn dark red mini dress and a black hand me down halter dress originally owned by her older cousin.
Since she never used the dresses anyway there was not much risk with cutting in to them! First we cut open the skirt of the red dress so it would fall open, but I thought it pretty dull. After a hilarious evening with lots of giggling (two teenagers), non-stop texting (little Sis Sabrina), and harebrained theories about handicapped baby-giraffes (little Sis’ friend Viola) and some eye-rolling (me) we came up with this two-coloured dress.

Refashion – School dance dress

Im glad to report that everyone is happy with it. My sister loves it and her friend, too. My dad will probably be happy to be spared the expense of a new dress and I had fun making it.

Refashion – School dance dress

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