Samstag, 15. August 2009

How to start a seam on thick fabrics more easily

I often sew bags with many layers of fabric and interface. The following trick makes it easier to at the beginning of the seam (this is probably old news for a lot of you, but who knows, maybe it helps some newbie!)

Ich nähe ja oft Taschen mit vielen Lagen Stoff und Einlagen. Der folgende Trick hilft dabei, dass am Anfang der Stofftransport besser greift (für viele Hobbyschneiderinen ist das wahrscheinlich nichts Neues, aber wer weiß, vielleicht hilfts ja einem Anfänger weiter!)


  1. Brilliant!! I hate when the threads get jammed at the beginning of a seam on thick fabrics.

    I featured your tip on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  2. You may not hear of Bonnie Hunter of She developed an idea called Lenders & Enders which have a 2nd purpose besides starting to sew on fabrics .... you can turn them into a quilt. Check out



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